Welcome to Season II of MXM Swim! Swimxm started the spring of 2020 with the goal to provide minimal, sexy, and fashionable bikinis to all body types. Here, you will find the hottest most exclusive bikinis around. Summer is finally here, so don't wait any longer. Shop our newest collection here, which features three exclusive metallic kini's perfect for the start of summer.

The Metallic Collection

Being the first summer since the pandemic, we wanted to come out with a stunning, bright, and unique swimsuit. All three bikinis in the collection have a soft inner lining, metallic finish, and thin straps that show off every curve. Each bikini is distinctive in it's own way, and each color complements yet differs from the other.

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Jumeirah Swim Set

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Due to COVID-19 and hygenic issues, there will be no returns or exchanges on any products sold on swimxm.com


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By: Mya Robinson